Cosmic Envoys Book Series

Three books are completed and in the final editing phase. I am interested to find an agent or publisher, and would appreciate any help in publishing the books.

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For the Gods, boredom is the greatest enemy

John and Lois are reincarnated Demi-Gods (Eternals) in a world coming to its end if the Gods have their way and they are to save humanity from the Nature Gods.

Human technology and weapons have advanced to a point where the Gods no longer feel godly and where their mortal states are vulnerable to destruction. Also, a Foreshadowing has humanity splitting time and destroying the universes. It is time to end humans!

In humanity’s infancy, the Gods guided humans and gifted them with fire, knowledge, inspiration, luck, and all matter of gifts. They helped humans to pull themselves out of their ignorant unenlightened animal states and develop into an intelligent species.

For the Eternal Gods, boredom was the only enemy, and they enjoyed this time of human accomplishments in art, writing, song, food, warfare, and mixed with them as Mortal Gods. Humans were the perfect toys and some Gods used humans for their wars, empire-building, and even the pleasures of the flesh until humanity got out of hand.

Clever humans turned humanity away from the true Gods. They created an Almighty God or three and put themselves forward as their anointed representatives. The Gods, engrossed in their games and physical pleasures did not notice the change until they were forgotten. Worse still, humans developed weapons that can harm and even destroy their mortal states and divine forms. Humans had to be culled and reset to their manageable, primitive, useful state. Yet, not all Gods agree.

The Gods of Life and living beings think that humans are not the problem but the solution if guided past their self-destructive phase. Yet, the Gods of Nature want to save the world and end the human infestation. The Gods Playground has now become the God's Battleground with humanity and the universes at stake.

Three hundred years the battle games and millions of humans have paid the price. It is a stalemate in a way, but the Causative Gods have not decided to enter the battle, yet. Into this, John and Lois are born again and already subject to Godly manipulation. But the Gods are not the only beings interested in humans. The Creators three, the Cosmics become involved and select their Chosen.

Book 1 - Wolf God

Just John Smith is an orphan with a voice in his head, his deceased mother. She is John’s one and only constant companion until he meets Luis. His Owl Eyed nightmares prevent him from even looking at women, and he has developed feelings for him.

John wants to run away, disgusted at the thought but his mother’s voice in his head councils other. Luis is not who he seems, and neither is John. Together they will have to find the Wolf God and become more than the Capricious Gods to save humans and eventually even the world.

Cosmic Envoys, Golden Eye Wolf

Book 2 - Ghost Witch.

John, Lois, and Clara have just a moon period to stop the Rat ending humanity with its deadly plague, else, not only Lois dies but everyone dies, including their friends. They know that Clara is the key.

The Wolf God is the antithesis to the Rat and can cure the sick, as she had when the Rat released the Black Plague. But like then it will cost many lives if they do not stop the Rat from releasing the Black-flu.

They also need to stop the Firebird starting a second Great War, and protect their friends from the Storms. They also have to protect Clara the Wolf from the Rat's attempt to have her killed, keep Lois from the Firebird, and in between, John and Lois get married.

What role do the Wolf's and the fourteen maidens have in all this and what about the Vulture that put the living Darkness into Lois, in both her lives?

Then there is John's mother, who is really his sister, and she is the Ghost Witch.

Cosmic Envoys 2, Ghost Witch

Book 3 - The Destroyers

The Children of the Cosmic's come to Earth. A Foreshadowing tells of a time where human recklessness will split time. They are the architects of everything in this universe so undoing just one planet is simple.

Cosmic Envoys 3, Destroyer

Book 4 - Splits in Time.

Trying to stop the Cosmic Three, John causes cracks in time. Fragments of past, present and futures manifest without anyone appearing to notice when they walk through from one period to another. The distinctions between these fragments are clear and sharp but some are starting to wash into others. Martha clearly foresees when all time will be one and this means the end of time, the end of life.

Cosmic Envoys 4, Splintered Time

Book 5 - Silent White.

Unwittingly, trying to save Earth from the Cosmics and from the Never Ending War, John creats a second earth in a pocket universe trapping the Firebird God. But it is shrinking and if it ends, so will the Fourteen million souls.

Cosmic Envoys 4.5, Silent White

Dark Friend

The Darkness is revealed as the fourth Cosmic. Sunn, Aeon and Orib took away from Caos to create the many universes. They are the invaders, not Caos but not there are trillions of souls at stake. But Caos also has souls in its realm. The universes will be integrated back into the endless Caos, unless.

Novamonique must avoid being killed again, catch a few stray Gods and discover why her Momma-Lois turned her current body into an impossible heavy-worder while she baby sits the strange Ada. But she knows that what ever she has to do is dire and important. Momma-Lois said that it should be fun.

Cosmic Envoys 5, Dark Friend